Welcome to NUmenESS


Thanks for stopping by Nūmeness! I'm Megan, a musician, feminist, psychologist, and new mother currently living in mid-Michigan after over a decade of urban dwelling in Chicago. This blog is a space for me to explore the things l love most--art, mothering, and magic of all kinds. I'm always seeking to find the mystical and magical in everyday life and in my experience, personal growth, intuition, and living from the heart are the fastest ways to find and stay connected to magic in all its forms. 

The name of this blog, Nūmeness, derives from the Jungian concept of the "numinous" (indicating or suggesting the presence of divinity). To me, the word itself has always conveyed the beauty and mystery I sense in the world...particularly the parts I can't see or touch. To me, the numinous is the sacred spaces and energies of life that make it a dance of magic and grace. 

he title Nūmeness also emphasizes all things uniquely feminine. I believe that divine feminine energies and ways of being in the world are beginning to transform our culture and are at the root of what will ultimately change our planet. Cooperation, flow, support, empathy, and compassion are the heart of divine femininity and they are the way of the future.

I've been a self-proclaimed feminist since I was a teenager in the early 90s. My ideas of feminism have matured and evolved over the years, and since becoming a mother, my worldview has expanded even further in terms of what it means to be a woman and what it takes to truly support myself, other women, and other souls who don't have a voice. This blog is a space for me to explore these ideas and support other women in doing the same.

On a practical note, at any given time I can be found making art (I make music both as a solo musician: www.megandeiger.com and with my amazing husband: www.riverrisingmusic.com), running after my one-year-old, working as an education researcher (I earned a PhD in Social Psychology in 2005 and have been working in ed research since 2001), trying out my new-found love of cooking, trying desperately to catch up on sleep, or burning witchy candles to help my dreams come true.